A selection of videos commemorating the ANZAC campaign in Greece and Crete

The long-awaited 42nd Street Anzac Memorial was dedicated as part of the official Battle of Crete commemorations today at 6.30 pm  Greek time, with the ceremony near Chania a highlight of the opening day of the 75th anniversary events on the island. The memorial, on the site where Australian and New Zealand forces fought German mountain troops on 27 May 1941, has been five years in the making, and the initiative was established by Glenda Humes, eldest surviving daughter of Captain Reg Saunders MBE. 


In the Media:

The Pappas Post (online) - Australian, New Zealand Troops During Battle of Crete Get Their Chapter in History with Hania Memorial, 27 May 2016


 The 42nd Street Anzac Memorial Official Commemorative Brochure (PDF)