The Consulate General of Greece and the Joint Committee for the Commemoration of the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign, 

kindly invite you to a public flag raising and star ceremony where we will solemnly commemorate


The 77th Anniversary of OXI (NO) DAY 1940

and the gallantry and sacrifice of more than 34,000 Anzacs who served with distinction in the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign.


Date: Friday, October 27th, 2017 Venue: Northern Steps of the Anzac Memorial Hyde Park South

Time: Ceremony will commence 4pm sharp and conclude 5pm 

Keynote Speaker: Mr Brad Manera, Senior Historian | Curator | Anzac Memorial


This is also the last public event of Consul-General Dr Stavros Kyrimis organized by the Consulate of Greece.


“We left the beautiful rugged island of Crete richer in feelings and memories of those indomitable Cretan people. We had been defeated in the field of Battle and had nothing to offer them yet they risked their all, their very lives to help us when we badly needed help. They had so little yet gave so willingly. For this the men, women and children were to pay a terrible price in savage reprisals by the enemy. Men like interpreter Vassilakis who, facing the firing squad, refused to be blindfolded and went to his death singing the Greek National Anthem - no wonder the island was never completely subdued.
And now with the building of the white chapel on the hill overlooking the ocean and the village of Prevelly in the south west corner of Western Australia, we can pay tribute to these courageous Greek people, making sure their sacrifice was not in vain and their heroic deeds will live forever more. “

Anzac Geoff Edwards OAM , 1979



This booklet, developed by the Joint Committee, provides a comprehensive history
of the Greek Australian Alliance from 1899 - 2016.
Download Here (16.1MB PDF)